Look! It’s Spider-Man at Ohayocon

Team Max@Play catches up with SpectacularSpiderDev, Spiderman cosplayer for a fun shoot

Over the past three years team maxatplay has been able to shoot Devin in a variety of his cosplays beginning back toOhayocon 2018. We’re alsoable to catch up with him at a few other conventions including, but not limited to, Youmacon in Detroit and Katsucon iin Washington DC. In a brief chat he let us know about his current training to be more fit and give accurate performances as Spider-Man and his other cosplayers.  We appreciate Devin as well as those entertained by his cosplay. Enjoy these photos from his most recent shoot with us at Ohayocon 2020 stay tuned for more from this awesome cosplayer.

Click here for Spider-Man’s best dance moves