South Park Phone Destroyer – Controlling the field

Welcome back fellow gamers! Team Maxatplay loves the mobile sensation South Park Phone Destroyer.  Today’s video highlights controlling the field and baiting out your opponent. This new kid started off with Mr. Slave behind him, since he doesn’t have a charge to build up its obviously a stall tactic to bring out one of my big response cards or instant kills.  Instead I responded with my own Slave closer to my new kid to get his closer to my zap. We both followed up with range attackers and assassins to widdle down health. Once both Slaves were done the enemy new kid played magician randy close enough to play Imp Tweek. Tweek’s ability randomly switches his position with an enemy on the field and since Randy was the only one it put Tweek right next to the enemy. It also put Randy in range of my Roosters and a rat swarm I save specifically for that move.  This move secured a bar and eventually the game.  What’s one of your favorite SPPD combos? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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