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Dead Ahead Zombie Warfare

Use your brains, don’t lose them

Title: Dead Ahead Zombie Warfare

Genre: Tower Defence – Free-to-play

Platform: Android Phone

Players: Single

Developer: Mobirate

Welcome back fellow zombie survivors! We’re here with another gaming on the move segment. If you haven’t noticed, Team Max@Play is a fan of surviving the zombie apocalypse, if not take a look at our zombie survival guide. It should come as no surprise that the latest mobile entry is a zombie “tower defense” game. Dead Ahead Zombie Warfare is a free-to-play android game with the ability to be played without data or wifi, which is great for when your travelling through those dead zones :-). 

The Story so far

You’re a group of survivors traveling by a revamped armored school bus looking for supplies and shelter. On your travels you run into roadblocks that need to be cleared before you proceed. While your tearing down the obstacles you can be attacked by a variety of zombies and marauders. You also have to protect the bus from taking too much damage or they’ll reverse, leave and its game over. 


There is an appreciation  for the large variety of zombies and their different powers. You have your normal gambit of:

Standard walking zombies

Faster standard zombies

Runners but weaker


Weak against Melee but strong against bullets

Weak against bullets but strong against melee

The Witch

The witch here is modeled similar to the one from left for dead, extremely fast, strong, durable and lacking clothing. The Maruders, or bandits, have the ability to use firearms and melee weapons but are also infected. Zombies on the screen attack the nearest living thing without discrimination. If an ally dies you now have 1 additional zombie to deal with. The type of character that ally was will determine what kind of zombie they become. For example, If the ally was a tank they would become a tank zombie.

Final Thoughts

DAZW is a pretty decent game. The upgrade options give it a great RPG feel. It even offers serious stressful moments, like watching the horde approaching counter tick closer to zero and hoping you can knock down the barricade before the horde of witches consume the field.

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