Darling in the Franxx

Definitely nothing like Neon Genesis Evangelion

Darling in the Franxx

Genre: Mecha, Romantic, 

Created by: Code:000

Debute: Jan. 2018

Stream on: Hulu, CrunchyRoll

Welcome back anime lovers! We are taking a look at Darling in the Franxx. This post-apocalyptic anime revolves around these artificially created children, referred to as parasites, and their reason for being is to pilot the pair operated mechs known as Franxx. The Franxx are used to defend the rest of humanity from the Klaxasaurs, the weapons of the klaxo sapiens. Franxx must be piloted by a male and a female duo who can sync together. Hiro, the lead protagonist, finds himself unable to sync with his partner and ultimately unable to fight. This changes after Zero Two arrives and despite the rumors of her being a partner killer Hiro syncs with her.

Darling in the Franxx

This is Team Max@Play’s first look into this anime which was featured on the list Top 10 Most Controversial Anime Episodes. The story gets you pretty hooked and with 24 episodes you can definitely binge watch it through the weekend. Anyone watching the first few episodes definitely gets the “This seems like Neon Genesis Evangelion ” vibe. The Franxx they pilot are powerful machines built off Klaxasaur tech but the cockpit is definitely, for a lack of better words, not kid-friendly. The level of innuendos is baffling but the Waifu level is over 9000. 

Darling in the Franxx

Spoiler warning!

The following video explains the overall plot points and scenario in a very comical fashion but definitely reveals the story so if you want to be totally surprised skip this video and watch this piece on Dendrograms.

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