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Fixer Class – World War Z

World War Z Game - Fixer Class
World War Z Game – Fixer Class

Welcome back, zombie hunters! Still, on a quest to have a well-rounded collection of characters we continue to level up everyone at least to 10. There is a serious appreciation for class perks in WWZ. This time around we are working on the Fixer Class. Anyone playing this role, if you haven’t already started upgrading, begins with a scout rifle and a supply bag.  Some of the early level buffs are associated with the use of your supply bag by your teammates and reviving downed or pinned comrades.

Level 10 Perks

World War Z Game - Scout Rifle
World War Z Game – Scout Rifle

At this level, if all players are downed or pinned the fixer gets to stand back up.  This move is clutch and can go great with having an ACW-20(Advanced Combat Weapon/Tier 3) ready or a heavy chainsaw (Forest Warrior) to clear a path to the rest of your party.

Use my supply bag!

In the recent playthrough, it’s been difficult to get other players to use or find the supply bags even when they are clearly marked. Only with the Fixer in Horde mode have teammates been so nonchalant with getting to the gate when its under attack. I hope you realize its gamer over if the gate is breached. During the actual zombie apocalypse, these people would be on the shortlist to be used as Zed deterrent.

Our final stand: Where are you going?

With how everyone is doing their own thing its surprising that this is the furthest we’ve ever made it in horde mode. At this level, the waves of zed are much denser and flooding in from multiple access points. Before the wave, we healed everyone, placed opposite facing turrets around the supply box so we had somewhere to run to. The top of the trailer is the designated safe area since it can be surrounded by electric grids, forces the zombies to climb up to us, and gives quick access to the main gate.  To make dealing with the gate easier, Tatsuo upgrades the secondary weapons to tier 2 and equips the grenade launcher. The sole purpose of this was to clear the main gate quickly when its getting overwhelmed and agro the remaining zed away. With the exception of some friendly fire, we managed to survive that wave.  Currency is low and the last was spent on upgrading primary weapons to tier 3 and equipping the Advanced Combat Shotgun.  With everyone relatively healthy, all turrets operational, and electric grids clear survival seemed pretty much guaranteed. Oh, how wrong we were. Never underestimate the unpredictability of human/A.I. nature. Halfway through the final wave, everyone abandoned a still well protected, perch to attack separate entryways, alone. Before the last person was taken down, the gate was overwhelmed and the survivors we were trying to protect are now zombie chow.

If you’re looking for more World War Z then check out the Slasher Class! If you had to choose one perk, what would it be? Let us know in the comment section below and thanks for visiting Max@Play.