Dragoncon 2020 Cosplay Showcase (as it should be)

Some of the best cosplay of Dragoncon

Mojo Jojo Cosplay

Welcome back Cosplay lovers! It’s always a great time when we can come together and enjoy the artistry and pageantry of cosplay. As a creator or a fan, it’s definitely something to relish. This showcase is brought to us by our friends over at ZeroFour Studios. When this video appeared in our feed the same question marks appeared, “Wasn’t everything virtual this year?” Indeed it was. ZeroFour studios, like the rest of Team Max@Play, attended dozens of conventions every year with Dragoncon being one of the jewels in the crown. Covid-19 has temporarily made it difficult to enjoy this as we knew but it hasn’t stopped us from celebrating. With that being said, ZeroFour took all the unused, never before seen footage from 2018 and 2019 to create a masterpiece, fit to fill the void in 2020. Enjoy this video and let’s be ready for Dragoncon 2021.

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