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10 Terrifyingly Dark Implications in Otherwise Cheerful Games.

Welcome back video game lovers! This time around we are looking at some of the most kid-friendly games ever that have horrible, or at least unsettling implications. Our buddy Jules, from Whatculture, says it best when he reminisces on all the things we enjoyed to watch as kids are now a bit disturbing rewatching them as adults. If you watch the cartoon Animaniacs you’ll definitely get the idea. We’ve noted a few endgame spoilers, just for the record. Enjoy 10 Terrifyingly Drak Implications in Otherwise Cheerful Games.

10. You Kidnap or Kill countless people – Katamari Damacy – Imagine going through your day and being rolled up into a ball and forced to be a star.

9. Joseph leads a cult – Dream Daddy – (Spoiler Alert) In one of the endings, if you decide to romance Joseph it is revealed his the leader of a cult and attempts to sacrifice you. You are saved by his wife and children and its presumed the possessed children eat him.

8. The Dead Children Pokemon – Pokemon – If you ever take time to read the entire Pokedex, it tells you that some pokemon are either trapped spirits of children or kill children.

7. The Gyroids – Animal Crossing – These cute dancing creatures are actually artifacts buried with the dead to be with the spirits.

6. You caused the death of innocent animals – Sonic The Hedgehog – Remember the Robots that actually explode have little creatures trapped inside.

5. You trap countless people in paintings for eternity – Luigi’s Mansion – This is kind of self-explanatory

4. Gordos – Slime Rancher – These poor creatures have gotten so big they can’t move to feed themselves.

3. Every brick you see was once a person – Super Mario Bros. – In the original Super Mario Bros, instruction manual it is revealed during Bowser’s invasion many of the Mushroom Kingdom’s citizens were turned into bricks and plant life. Right, the ones you have been breaking this whole time.

2. Gruntilda Lives – Banjo Kazooie – (Spoiler Alert) At the end of this game she’s knocked off a cliff and trapped in a hole blocked by a giant boulder. 2 years later she is freed from her prison but is now a skeleton shell of her former self. That implies that capture was 

1. The dog food – Dog’s Life – (Spoiler Alert) This has to be one of the most kid-friendly games on this list but the villain is seen falling into a machine, chopped up, and turned into cat food.

That’s our list! Let us know what you think in the comment section below. Click here for another Top 10 List.

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