Orcs Must Die Trap Laying Strategy

Orcs must die unchained has made its way back to the Max@Play center stage. This time around we’re implementing some new trap setting methods to create better funnels. We considered creating a barricade straight across but game mechanics prevent you from blocking the path to the rift. Creating a snake maze with barricades works well with slowing them down but puts you in a position to replace them a bit more frequently. Lining the path way with floor spikes mixed with tar traps Intermittently gives your other traps time to reset while dealing damage to the current wave. To prevent a total loss of control when our barricades are destroyed I placed pounders over them. With the ceiling traps in place even when the barricades are destroyed or lept over by the vertically inclined enemies there is that extra measure until you can manage the situation. As we progress further through the different waves we encountered unstable rifts that allow ogres to spawn outside of the normal path. They tend to be near a neglected area, which for us it’s an open path in the baths where we normally only put barricades. The smart thing to do is to destroy the unstable rift before it opens to prevent them from even appearing. When the action is heavy the alternative is to at least have a few traps in place to weaken or thin out the numbers.

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