We’re going the wrong way – Fallout Shelter 

We’re going the wrong way – Fallout Shelter

The long quest away from the vault is beginning to take a toll on the team. They are missing the comforts of residence Hall and missing the opening of the new longue and game room on the lower levels. These three were chosen to continue the research into the crops that were being lost, this is the Tato Blight. The building is full of mole rats and fersl ghouls they must deal with. Adam Taylor is using a unique pool que to dispatch with the enemies they encounter. He is also the one to realize they were heading in the wrong direction inside the facility. This for sight saved the team valuable time and resources that could’ve been lost if they continued on that path. Their journey uncovered that the plants aren’t just dying but being stolen by something of amazing strength and speed. The next stop is McClure’s place. They have more information and have witnessed the destruction first hand. After they gathered the information it was safe for The team to finish investigating the compound and take home some much needed Nuka-Cola. 

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