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I will eat you alive

Welcome back fellow anime lovers! TeamMax@Play is definitely on the hunt for binge-worthy series to share and this inclusion is brought to us by our friends over at Netflix. Its Revenge of The Body Snatchers! At least, when you watch this series that’s the frame of mind you’re in, except with way more gore, and a new waifu. Parasyte follows the story of Shinichi Izumi who has the unlikely joining with a parasitic organism turned partner named migi. Shinichi is your typical 17-year-old high schooler with one main love interest in Murano, but a bunch of others chasing not far behind. 

Parasyte _ Murano

So, while he’s grappling with moving into adulthood and everyday life he has this shape-shifting thing attached to his hand. There isn’t much revealed about Migi in the beginning, but we learn early his attempt to bond with Izumi initially started with an attack aimed for his brain. Quick reflexes on his part trapped Migi in the state he’s in. The story goes on to reveal a much larger invasion in place as thousands of Migi’s kind have found suitable hosts and taken full control of these humans. If that wasn’t enough, the freshly controlled have the ability to split their entire head open, sprout weapons, destroy and devour other humans for nourishment. Some of these attacks are beyond brutal, definitely a 10 on the gore meter.


 The character development involved in this series is amazing, even though Shinichi gets on our nerves very regularly, it’s still awesome. With 24 episodes offered in the first season via Netflix we are already eager to see what season 2 is going to bring, if there were going to be a season 2 that is. This anime was sourced directly from the manga and ends having used up all the source material. As of right now, the only hope to see more of this anime is to get more out of the manga. Enjoy this decapitating good time and let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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