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They call me V: Looking at Cyberpunk 2077

Welcome back fellow gamers! It has been a long wait but we finally got Cyberpunk 2077. Honestly, another month in development would have done wonders and still got it out in time for Christmas but that’s in hindsight. The here and now says this game is a beautiful glitchy masterpiece and Team Max@Play is in love. There’s not much new we can share with you that hasn’t flooded social media but a few of our experiences. Getting fussed at for not responding to a character’s interaction was an interesting surprise, especially coming from heavy Mass Effect players where we carefully read each reaction and thought about potential consequences. The very first NPC not apart of the story was missing their legs. They were supposed to be there but hadn’t actually loaded in by the time we walked away. Our first, non-story, engagement with the police was due to an NPC glitching into V’s ride, and the minute it moved you getting charged and have a bounty placed on your head, they do not play that. We are still very early in the game and Team Max@Play is definitely going to dedicate serious time to exploring Night City.