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Top 10 Anime Psychopaths

Lets take a look at some of anime’s craziest

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - Top 10 Psychopaths in Anime
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure – Top 10 Psychopaths in Anime

The term “psychopath” is used to describe someone who is callous, unemotional, and morally depraved. While the term isn’t an official mental health diagnosis, it is often used in clinical and legal settings. This list features characters that really let their crazy go all out. Not every person on this list is classified as a psychopath but all of them display those tendencies. 

Junko - Top 10 Psychopaths in Anime
Junko – Top 10 Psychopaths in Anime
  1. Teru Mikami – Death Note – is a criminal prosecutor chosen as the Hand of Kira by Light Yagami. Mikami took things a step further killing anyone he deemed evil or innocent people that got in his way.
  2. Rena Ryugu – Higurashi When They Cry – Extremely paranoid and subject to explosive bouts of rage, this cleaver wielding school girl is ready to murder you.
  3. Ryuunosuke Uryuu – Fate/Zero – This serial killer was already on a mission to achieve his ultimate cool killing women and children when he unintenionally summoned Caster and used their power to take his murderous torture to another level.
  4. Hiro Shishigami – Inuyashiki – Who knew a normal high schooler could become an unstoppable killing machine.After surviving an explosion with a UFO that resulted him remade into a super powered cyborg. Believing he can only feel human by killing he does just that
  5. Himiko Toga – My Hero Academia – Do not be fooled by her cute demeanor. Her quirk activates after drinking someone’s blood and assists this slasher at finding her true love, with the edge of her knife.
  6. Hidan – Naruto Shippuden – This lethal akatsuki member is already a professional killer but after using some forbidden techniques is immortal. This immortality gave him the ability to use other lethal techniques like any pain inflicted on him can be shared with anyones whose blood is a part of him.
  7. Hisoka – Hunter x Hunter – This Phantom Troupe member is truly a battle fanatic who experiences a disturbing level of euphoria fighting and killing strong opponents.
  8. Johan Liebert – Monster – Is considered one of the deadliest killers in all of anime. His ability to manipulate his targets is uncanny. He can make them experience such great loss, despair and trauma that they end their own lives.
  9. Junko Enoshima – Danganronpa: The Animation – This femme fatale will do anything and kill anyone to fulfill her ambitions. And what are those you ask? To cure her boredom by inflicting the deepest feelings of despair, even if her own life is in danger.
  10. Yoshikage Kira – Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable – Kira wants to live a peaceful average life but has a craving for severed female hands. He uses his Stand, Killer Queen, to eliminate anyone who gets in his way and cleans up any trace of his crime.

What do you think of this list? Did we include your pick for top psychopath? Let us know in the comment section below. Team Max@Play wants to thank WatchMojo for constructing this list. And Thank You for visiting Max@Play.

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