Project Winter

They will betray you

Welcome back fellow gamers! This time around Team Max@Play ventures into the wilderness and the cold with Project Winter. This game puts you in the middle of a frozen Tundra tasked with completing repairs, killing wildlife for food, and repairing your radio in time to call for evacuation before the big freeze comes and kills your entire camp. 

The Threat

You are truly dependent on your fellow players to open bunkers and take down largeanimals, or be killed. Beware, some players are traitors sent to kill you and your team and steal your research. 


This game is depends heavily on voice chat so have a mic ready. This mean people lying to you are truly good liars, even if its just for fun. Team Max@Play experienced a situation where we had been working with two players the entire game when they trapped us in the Bunker and killed us. The Betrayl was heartbreaking. It makes a nig different when they can talk to you as they kill you. It’s not an instant thing either, you have the ability to fight back and heal during the attack.


This game is stressful but It adds extra survival mechanics like monitoring your warmth and hunger. Play this game at your own risk but playing with friends may end up in trust issues. Happy gaming, let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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