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Top 10 Anime Fights of 2020

Awesome battles in anime

Welcome back anime lovers! 2020 has been a different kind of year for everything but it didn’t lack in cranking out great viewing material. Team Max@Play was afforded a healthy amount of anime watching time and suggest looking into any of the shows listed below. This list highlights the most intensely epic fights of 2020, as composed by our friends over at WatchMojo. Before you begin there are minor spoilers so consider this your SPOILER ALERT.

10.    Yujiro vs Kaki – Baki 

9.     Zoro vs Kamazu – One Piece

8.     Juggernaut vs Orochi – Fire Force

7.    Touma & Gunha vs Misaka – A Certain Scientific Railgun T

6.    Team 7 vs Deeper – Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

5.    Gojo vs Jogo – Jujutsu Kaisen

4.    Avan & Dai vs Hadlar – Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai

3.    Kirito vs Subtilizer – Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of Underworld

2.     Deku vs Overhaul – My Hero Academia

1.    Everyone vs The Devil – Black Clover

What do you think of this list? Were any battles that you thought belonged on this list. Let us know in the comment section below. Thanks for visiting Max@Play.

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