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Balrog VS TJ Combo (Street Fighter VS Killer Instinct) | #DEATHBATTLE

It’s a pugilist showdown in this match hosted by our buddies over at Death Battle. You have the Killer Instinct professional boxer TJ Combo versus Street Fighters Shadowloo enforcer Balrog. This matched is introduced by the duo Wiz and Boomstick who will properly introduce these two combatants highlighting their background, skills and weakness to let us know who would win in a death battle. Team Max@Play has a special for Balrog mainly because of the amount of video game appearances that came across the Max@Play consoles. Street Fighter has been putting fighters to the test since 1987 where Killer Instinct has about 4 unique titles since 1994. With TJ coming after Balrog some may look at him as their street fighter ripoff, but this story and track record is nothing to shake a stick at. Going against Balrog will be no easy task with him being the right hand man to M. Bison and the muscle behind Shadowloo. He will definitely have a few tricks up his sleeves…er gloves. Enjoy this match and let the best fighter win. 

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