My wife is student council president

Welcome back anime lovers! With the popularity of My first girlfriend is gal with Team Max@Play it was suggested that this anime be added to the watchlist. 


Hayato Izumi runs for student council president at his new high school, but loses to Ui Wakana, a perky and charismatic girl who pledges to liberate love on campus, and throws condoms into the audience during her election speech. He ends up becoming the vice-president on the student council. He soon learns that due to an arrangement by their parents, Ui is going to be his fiancée, and they have to live together. He tries to keep their cohabitation a secret from the school and its all-female student council leadership, while fending off Ui’s progressively aggressive romantic and sexual advances at home. He attracts the attention of discipline head Rin Misumi, who later moves in next door with her sister Kei, the school’s nurse

The series definitely has our attention and we’re looking forward to sharing our thoughts. Have you seen this series? What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below.

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