Strider #ThrowbackThursday

From saving the world to fighting against Marvel

Initial release date: 1989

Arcade system: CP System

Designer: Tokuro Fujiwara

Composer(s): Junko Tamiya

Platforms: Sega Genesis, Sega Mark III, TurboGrafx-16, X68000, MORE

Developers: Tiertex Design Studios, Capcom, Sega

Welcome back fellow gamers! This time travel event takes back to the origin of Strider Hiryu. He became amazingly popular in 2011 with his addition to Marvel vs Capcom but we’re going further back to his first game, Strider, on the Sega Genesis.

Strider actually is set in the year 2048 with the world under the rule of the Grandmaster. Hiryu is the youngest A-ranked super ninja in the Strider clan and their sole purpose is to assassinate the Grandmaster. The game was greeted with high acclaim because of its awesome soundtrack and diverse voice clips. Another good point was its accurate translation from arcade to the home console. 

Enjoy this full playthrough video courtesy of VintageGamePlayer and thank you for visiting Max@Play

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