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15 degrees in Atlanta! Meteor hit Detroit! Are you ready for the Apocalypse? #GamersGuide


state of decay backpack
state of decay backpack

It’s 15 degrees in Atlanta, GA with ice and snow everywhere. A meteor has hit Detroit, MI. the night before. We’re not even going to touch on the world leaders looking for a reason to push their big buttons. Are you ready for the apocalypse? Team Max@Play suggest you brush up on your apocalypse readiness skills by indulging in some post-apocalyptic video games.


Being prepared

First stop is the training grounds of State of Decay. The apocalypse is in full swing and you are either forced to be on the move or need to go for supplies these are things you want to keep in mind. Before we begin this list lets be clear, you need a backpack, no discussion on that.This game highlights the necessities you want to carry in your backpack when you decide to venture out:

  • StateofDecay1

    4 bottles of water

  • Health/protein bars – high in nutrients and filling
  • A hammer and nails – to secure your location and zombie defense weapon
  • Duct tape – used as quick first aid to close wounds, can be wrapped around outer layer of clothes to protect from zombie bites
  • A lighter – better than matches
  • Swiss army knife – a universal tool like this will come in handy when opening canned goods, doors, etc.
  • A blanket – Besides used for warmth it can be shredded to make bandages
  • Alcohol – (Rubbing or Drinking) Cleans wounds and can be used a bartering tool when supplies are low.
  • Bottle of Aspirin/Motrin – Medical supplies can be traded but you will need something to break fevers and ease pain

State of Decay is set during the zombie apocalypse but this backpack is good for any extinction level event that isn’t nuclear. If a civil war was to break out, being prepared would definitely give you a step up.

Making the heavy decisions

The next stop is Vault 215 in Fallout Shelter. The vault is at capacity and resources are low. Being the overseer you’re tasked with the big decisions like who is going out for supplies and who is going out to live, forever. Teamed up the youngest (lower level) dwellers with our most experienced and send them on a quest with pet companions that complement their abilities. Send a few trusted well-equipped dwellers to scavenge for supplies. Now the hard part, there is a section of people that are unhappy, even spiteful. They can be angry for any number of reasons but if they are bringing down the morale of the rest then it’s time for them to leave. Just like in your real life scenario, angry people are a liability. Are you really willing to put your entire camp in danger to hold on or appease one or two disgruntled members?

Trust your Team

Left 4 Dead Survivors
Left 4 Dead Survivors

Left 4 Dead has taught us that you can’t do it alone. Every person surviving any apocalypse scenario needs someone to have their back. Unless that someone is going to set off the car alarm that attracts every hungry zombie in earshot, you don’t need that person on your team. Having plenty of ammo is the second take away from this team based first person shooter. You can never have enough ammo.

How are you prepared for the impending doom? Let us know in the comment section below.