Tenjho Tenge

When Martial Arts Styles Collide

Aya Natsume

Welcome back Anime lovers! It’s always an interesting journey when you’re able to find an awesome anime. With this anime being released in 2004, it features 2 seasons totaling 26 episodes.


Team Max@Play has journeyed to Toudou High School, home of championship-caliber fighting clubs. Introduce Souichiro Nagi and Bob Makihara, 2 childhood friends and first-year students bent on ruling the school by defeating everyone that comes in their path. They were off to a good start too, until they ran into members of the Juken club. Their captain, Maya Natsume, accompanied by Takayanagi Masataka, made short work of the duo. If things weren’t already lively enough Maya’s sister Aya decides Souichiro will be her husband.

First thoughts

Tenjho Tenge has all of the elements that make a great anime. Well animated fight scenes, great voice acting, an interesting but not new at all plot, and a comedy love story. Did I mention that there is a healthy amount of fan service? By the end of episode 2 Team Max@Play is well invested in the characters. Some Key Characters include:

Tenjho Tenge
  • Souichiro Nagi – First-year student and street brawler, a childhood friend to Bob
  • Bob Makihara – First-year student, a childhood friend to Souichiro, accomplished capoeira fighter
  • Maya Natsume – Leader of the Juken club, older sister to Aya, reverts her body to a childlike form to build up Ki
  • Aya Natsume – Younger Sister of Maya, has the power of the Dragon’s Eye, a first-year student
  • Masataka Takayanagi – A second-year student and Mitsuomi’s younger brother. Usually seen aiding Maya
  • Mitsuomi Takayanagi – Third-Year student, Takayanagi’s older brother, leader of the Executive Council


This anime is currently available for free with Amazon Prime. Definitely worth a binge session. If you enjoy this one then you’ll love Ken Ichi: The Mightiest Disciple.

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