KenIchi The Mightest Disciple on Amazon Prime

I dont wanna diiiiiie

Welcome back anime lovers! This action-packed romantic comedy is not only binge-worthy but has awesome replay value. KenIchi has to be the most lovable loser that Team Max@Play has rooted for to date. His sheer determination to become better mixed with his constantly running away from pain is a surprisingly comical mix. We will do our best not to include any spoilers. KenIchi only wants the ability to protect the people who he cares for and those that can not protect themselves. One of those being Miu, a highly accomplished martial artist and quite top-heavy to boot.

Ryōzanpaku the Dojo of the greatest masters

The Dojo is occupied by some of the greatest masters in their particular discipline, in the world. Each one of them take turns beating the crap out of, oh, i mean train KenIchi so he can be the greatest disciple.

Hayato Furinji – Grandmaster of Ryozanpaku and Miu grandfather

Sakaki Shio – The karate master

HopachaiApachai – The Muay Thai Master

Shigure Kōsaka- is the weapons expert and resident assassin

Akisame Kōetsuji – Jujitsu master

Kensei Ma – The Chinese Martial Arts Master

KenIchi definitely made enemies during his training with the gang Ragnorok. His need to help interferes with their need to exist but his abilities drew the attention of their leaders The Eight Deadly Fist. These fist are amazing in strength and skill and deserve their rank. You should see how KenIchi fairs against each one, or not.

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