Drive Safe: Burnout Paradise

High speeds and amazing takedowns

Initial release date: January 22, 2008

Series: Burnout

Engine: RenderWare

Developers: Criterion Software, Stellar Entertainment

Awards: VGX Award for Best Driving Game, MORE

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3

Welcome back race lovers! Team Max@Play is visiting the beautiful world of Paradise City and getting involved in the Burnout race series. This particular game emphasizes more on stylish collisions than straight racing, the perfect racing game for those of us with road rage. Like most of your racing genre games, Burnout does feature traditional play modes where the goal is to make it from the starting position to the finish without destroying your car. 

One of the bigger perks for some of Team Max@Play is that there are multiple routes to complete a race beyond the straight and narrow. Its actually quite possible be detoured completely if you don’t follow your map and your trusty compass.The Burnout spin to these tracks allow you to ram, side swipe, cut off or potentially crush your opponent to take them down and hopefully wreck their car. You gain points for how you take down your opponent as well as speed boost.

As you complete races you’re able to unlock more of the city and are granted access to new cars, some specific to certain races. Burnout features some iconic bands and indie bands to rock the radio and truly put you in the driving spirit. Put your seatbelt on and turn up the nitrous. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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