High Rise Invasion

Beware the people in Mask, They’re not your friend

Welcome back anime fans! Imagine waking up on the top of a skyscraper. As you look around you notice the buildings are connected by rope bridges. Across the way you hear a woman screaming and pleading for mercy as she is being chased by a man in a mask with a bat. The woman stops at the edge of the building, looks down, and then proceeds to calmly jump to her death. If that wasn’t bad enough another mask-wearing psycho has appeared behind you. You now know the experience Yuri Honjo had as she entered this world.

The main point of this World is to build a new perfect GOD and that individual has to be chosen from a number of God candidates. These candidates are also called Those Who Have Become Closer to God. Yuri and her friends are trying to make it to the center of the city and hopefully end the game but they, and the others trapped in this world, are being pursued by the mask. There are different types of masks that will be seen but we won’t reveal any spoilers here. If you must know more, there is a whole list of the masks here.

High Rise Invasion is a dope Netflix anime based on manga of the same name. Definitely take a look and lets us know what you think in the comment section below. Looking for another series to watch, check out Parasyte on Netflix.

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