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Anime battle maiden robots #win

Welcome back anime lovers! We are kicking off Episode 1 of Beatless and our early thoughts. First of all, who doesn’t love battle-ready anime babes, if you go have a seat in the back. Beatless follows the life of Aratou Endou, a high schooler just making it through life taking care of his sister Yuka. They live in a world where technology has advanced to a point where most day-to-day tasks are completed by hIE, humanoid Interface Element. These androids feature a superior AI processor that makes decision-making and task management a breeze. Unfortunately, these hIE are outside of Arato’s budget. That’s until Lacia hears his cry for help and their bond is made while escaping a life or death situation. Now Lacia immediately displays functions much greater than your average hIE and it is only a matter of time before the rest of her abilities are unveiled. There are also 4 others like Lacia that are out and about and we’re looking forward to seeing what they are about to unleash upon the world. This here is only a teaser but keep looking for a full review as we make our way through this series, currently available on Amazon Prime, subbed.

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