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7 Heroes Who Saved Xmas, Mostly by Punching ๐ŸŽ„๐Ÿ‘Š

Put down the eggnog and punch them in the face.

Welcome back fellow gamers! Tis the season most people take time, exchange presents and enjoy the holiday. This list highlights 7 video game heroes that gave up their peaceful evenings to dole out some much needed seasonal justice. Enjoy this list and watch out for minor spoilers.

Saejima – Yakuza 5 – Saijima literally had to dress up as Santa Clause and defeat a gang that was going around beating up amateur St. Nicks. He also had to accomplish this while maintaining the guise of Santa and deal with the Children.
Miles Morales – Spider-Man: Miles Morales – After our friendly neighborhood wall crawler fixes the Christmas lights in his building he is roped into defeating a, stopping Rhino and stop a capitalist conspiracy
Aya- Parasite Eve – Aya ended her holiday date to battle a shape shifting Eve who can psychically set people on fire.
Bayonetta – Bayonetta 2 – The Christmas holiday just seems like an open invitation for evil deities trying to enslave or destroy humanity to shoot their shot. Luckily super witch heroine Bayonetta was willing to put her shopping aside to stop them in their tracks.
Frank West – Dead Rising 4 – It is the zombie apocalypse. The apocalypse doesnโ€™t care about Santa Clause
Batman – Batman: Arkham Origins – Its no surprise that Gothamโ€™s hero would work the holidays but he surely didn’t expect 8 of the worldโ€™s deadliest assassins all out to get him.
Solid Snake – Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake (1990)- Snake decided to give the world the gift of not being nuked by the latest Metal Gear super Tank.
There you have it! Do you need more holiday shenanigans? Well check out this holiday list.