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Chrono Trigger #ThrowbackThursday

Time travel done right – Chrono Trigger #ThrowbackThursday

Title: Chrono Trigger


Platform: SNES/Nintendo DS

Publisher: SQUARE

Welcome back to another Throwback Thursday fellow gamers! We are taking you back into a time when the creator of the Dragon Ball series teamed up with the creators of Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest and released the amazing trip through time. Chrono Trigger is considered the best game, at least the best RPG, of all time in many circles. Back in a time when you could name each character in your party in an amazing open world. This game introduced actual impactful time travel. You can travel through different time periods and see the ramifications of your actions. Something as simple as tending a barren field in the past results in fertile land. How about traveling back to reverse the effects of permadeath. Chrono Trigger is still one of the most immersive games we ever played. The writing and storytelling is top notch with character development done so well you have no choice but to be emotionally invested all the way to the end. Speaking of the end, this game features 13 different endings all determined on when you do certain things, or if you do them at all.

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