Training Day – Back 4 Blood

Deck building in Back 4 Blood

Welcome back fellow cleaners! Team Max@Play is really getting into defending hope from the increasingly dangerous Ridden. During the training process deck building is key to your survival. 

Your character/team

Back 4 Blood Deck Building
Back 4 Blood Deck Building

First thing to pay attention to is that your character and your team have special effects that count as cards in your deck. Construct your Back 4 Blood deck around your chosen characters’ perks, either to increase their effectiveness or strengthen where they are weak. There is a great character tier list available at DBLTap.

Deck Building

Consider your playstyle before spending supply points on cards and building your deck. Take for instance if you like to really be in the ridden face with melee attacks, you want cards that stack like:

  • Battle Lust -Melee Kills heal +2
  • Combat Knife – which turns your bash into a melee attack
  • Cross Trainers – +20% Stamina, + 20% Stamina Regen, +3% Move Speed and + 5 Health

A combo like this will keep you healthy and fighting for a long time.

Take advantage of the Training Area to play with the different cards. You have access to all cards available and be able to see which ones work best.

Card Order Matters

The very first card in your deck will automatically be active at the beginning of the game. Consider which card is your most powerful or useful and place that one at the top. Then you will draw your next 5 cards and choose one more to activate for this run so plan ahead. Every time you start a run you will be able to activate a new card, even when you fail and continue. You can find an in-depth Back 4 Blood card list here.


Get into that training area and experiment so when it’s time to join the other cleaners and eliminate some ridden you got it.  Thanks for visiting Max@Play.

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