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Check out Clash of Clans new battle mode

It’s time for another Clash of Clans reload. It gets a little rough to stay intrigued with the game when you get do high in levels. The wait times to upgrade and the amount of elixir, dark elixir or gold to move to the next level gets extreme. This is when the pay to win bug bites and you want to spend real money to buy gems to accelerate your progress. Just like with other in game currency once you reach a certain level that too can call for a hearty sum. 

So if you’re not willing to pay to play then your waiting it out and hopefully not forgetting about the game, for the developers sake. Luckily, Super Cell introduced a new versus mode that puts a spin on the old model. Instead of raids your battling players that are actively online. You each use a new village, without giving up the one you worked so hard on, and attack each other at the same time. Unlike raids though, you only win gold and elixir if you win. There’s also a modified way of training troops that adds a bit more strategy to each attack. Your troops gain special powers like cloak which is invisibility or temporary power increase, just to name a few. You also get modified defenses, some with multiple modes to add even more surprises to your defence. After a battle, if you finish first, you can watch to see how your opponent is fairing or replay the battle to see where you might want to revamp your defence. Check out the video to see this new versus battle mode in action. Let us know what you think of the new Clash of Clans in the comment section.

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