South Park Phone Destroyer – Everything 4 Challenge

South Park Phone Destroyer – Everything 4 Challenge

Welcome back South Park fans! This week in Phone Destroyer the challenge is all cards cost 4 energy. That’s a pretty high cost for most cards but for some of the Legendary Cards and Heavy Hitters like Call Girl, ManBearPig or Wizzard Cartman it gives you a serious discount.

Deck Construction
We started off loading the deck with normally the most expensive heavy hitters that are leveled up appropriately. The next step was to fill in space with cards whose War Cry summoned cards straight to the field such as:
Call Girl
Member Berries
Pope Timmy
Then we chose the energy staff for the extra boost

The Strategy
The starting hand is unpredictable but the first move is actually the waiting game. We wait till our energy charge is at 9.5. Most opponents are reactive so if we have energy staff in hand, play it. It speeds up your charge but also lets your opponent waste a bit of energy waiting to see what else you’re gonna do. If you’re lucky enough to get either Call Girl or Pope Timmy in your hand, if not both, play them on opposite sides of your screen to divide their forces. With this challenge expect alot of tanks so getting Member Berries on the field in the middle is your perfect defense.

This challenge is a lot of fun the only thing more fun than everyone 4 energy is the chaos from everyone 1 energy. If you’re looking for more South Park we got that for you,