PlayStation is making their own version of Game Pass to rival Xbox

There’s going to be changes to Sony’s gaming subscription service, PlayStation Plus to better compete with Xbox’s Game Pass.

First originally reported by Bloomberg that Sony is presenting a multi-tiered PlayStation Plus system project codenamed, Spartacus that would have a tier level that would combine both the benefits of PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus.

Essential, Extra, and Premium are the tier levels.

Essential – which is currently what PlayStation Plus is now

Extra tier – This level which will cost a little more offering downloadable games of around 300 title possibly from PSNow in addition to all the benefits from the previous tiers.

Premium tier – the final level will offer access to cloud streaming with all benefits from previous tiers also the possibility of having access two titles from PS1, PS2, PS3, and PSP games with demos included.

Updates to the PlayStation Plus service is expected to roll out this summer.