Omni-Man VS Homelander

Omni-Man VS Homelander (Invincible VS The Boys) | DEATH BATTLE!

Welcome back fellow fight lovers! This one is gonna be a fight for the ages. Omni man vs Homelander sounds like Superman vs Himself and both of them are, not good people.What happens when two indestructible forces collide? Find out which one cracks first i guess. You have Omni-Man from the series Invincible in one corner and Homelander from the series The Boyz in the other. This fight is brought to us by our friends over at Death Battle. This is one of the crazier fights with evil Superman going against his equally evil brother in a fight to the death. Let us know who you think will be the victor in the comment section below.

Nolan Grayson lives on earth with his and child living the normal life as an acclaimed author. Secretly he protected the world from danger and was a proud member of Guardians of the Globe. That was until his son Mark’s powers matured and everything changed. For those who haven’t seen Invincible on Amazon Prime yet and want the same thrill we were granted, stop here and go watch Invincible. Once Mark revealed he started getting his powers Nolan showed his true colors. The blood bath the insued after that was nothing short of gruesome and a piece of work. Imagine Superman out to crush everyone with his bare hands. Like Superman, Nolan is an alien. He is a Viltrumite whose species is all about busting heads and conquering planets.

Lets start with another spoiler warning just in case. Who knew John was a test tube baby? Vought, the company that has “hired” and rights over most of the world’s Supes, created Homelander in a lab and molded him to be the man he is. That man being a hero and symbol of truth up front and a total narcissistic douche bag whenever the cameras are off. Homelander literally is Superman with an attitude in this universe featuring all of his powers and adding a supreme amount of arrogance. There was one point touched on in the video that all inquiring minds want to know. How do Supermen make whoopy? To find that answer you gotta watch the video since there aren’t any words better than how its put there.

The video provided by Death Battle does a great job of breaking down each participants feats, strengths and weaknesses. Watch the video for those full details. Watching to Superman with the blood lust of Saiyajins go at it is definitely a site to see. Couldn’t imagine seeing this fight first hand since neither contestant cares about collateral damage. Not trying to be listening to my Britney Spears CDs singing “Hit me baby one more time” as they slam a building into my car. (Too much? Moving on.) So with everything is in place, Who are you placing your money on? Let us know which one wins in the comment section below and Thank You for visiting Max@Play.