Colossalcon 2022 Review

After a day of rest were now ready to write out our review for Colossalcon or “Cowlossalcon” for those of you who were there.

This might be a new thing or we never noticed it before, but for the first time the Max@Play team noticed that ColossalCon were offering 5 days badges with panels and events going on from Wednesday night all the way until Sunday.

Normally, ColossalCon does not have a theme it’s just a waterpark theme convention so you would see a lot of characters in a traditional type of bathing suit, but not this year for some reason there was a abundance dance of cow, milkman and farmer outfits hence attendees quickly referring to the convention as #CowlossalCon.

Particularly on Friday attendees who housed themselves at the villas had room parties unofficial to the convention. Yet, with the unofficial theme of cows word got around of something of a cow stampede so everyone who was wearing a something of a cow related out came to that villa.

Outside of it was rather normal event we watched performances from the musical stylings of Professor ShyGuy

Professor ShyGuy

Cosplayers were showing their costumes in the cosplay contest.

A Kratos cosplayer from the video game series, God of War
Various cosplayers

Above all, this year’s ColossalCon was one of the more memorable ones. Stay tuned as we continue to upload more ColossalCon content of our other adventures.