Ohayocon 2022 is here!

Are you ready?


Welcome back fellow Con-goers! Team Max@Play is gearing up for their first convention of the calendar year at the home away from home, Ohayocon. Hyatt Regency Columbus in Columbus, Oh. will host this amazing event Thursday, February 10 thru 13. The excitement is building and there are definite reasons to be excited. 

Special Guest

Recently added, Jason Marsden, will be in attendance. He had a successful start on sitcoms such as “Boy Meets World” and “Full House” and is celebrated as the voice as Max from Disney’s “A Goofy Movie”. Also on that list is Robert Mungle, the voice of Guile from “Street Fighter II V” and Zanku from “Akame La Kill” Mungle is also a comedian on the Whiskey Brothers Comedy Podcast with over 900 episodes under his belt.


It’s not a con without gaming and wherever you have gaming there will be tournaments. Ohayocon is featuring a nice variety of console and pc based gaming tournaments every day of the convention. Sign-up early to test your mantle in this esports arena. Don’t worry, spectators are also welcome.

Cosplay Expo

For all the creatives, armor forgers, seamstresses, and lovers of the art, we present the Cosplay Expo. Grant it, the entire Hyatt Regency is the stage for everyone to enjoy their cosplay, the Expo is the official showcase taking center stage highlighting the best in a variety of areas. 

Covid Policy

Legend of Zelda - Cosplay - Ohayocon 2019
Legend of Zelda – Cosplay – Ohayocon 2019

For those fully vaccinated before January 27 you are all set to attend with proof of vaccination. Booster shots are not required to attend. If you provide a negative covid test administered by an appropriate, licensed medical professional within three days of arrival at the registration center you are also ready. Their website highlights all the covid-19 protocols here.

Getting ready

Whether this is your first con or your 40th, Team Max@Play has a strategy guide that will help your convention experience. If you want to get your merch shopping started early visit the Max@Play Store. Looking forward to seeing you at Ohayocon! Thanks for visiting Max@Play. Here is a little video from the past years of Ohayocon to tide you over.