Exploring The Paldea Region in Pokémon Scarlet and Scarlet and Violet

Ahead of the Pokemon World Championship, Pokémon released a trailer for the upcoming games Scarlet and Violet. This generation we will be exploring the Paldea region which appears to be based themes and cities around Spain which is a first for the series. Instead of filling the Pokedex or taking on gym leaders the setting will be in a school as we’re student and as part of an assessment we will be challenging gyms, racing Pokemon and more in this open world environment which is a first for the series. At some point in the game we will just receive the box legendary Pokemon and trainers will be able to fly on them which if certain people are to be believed was foreshadow in the Sword and Shield DLC. Along with that we got peeks at new trainers Like Arven who is a better cook than trainer, Penny who is shy (that is literal how they describe her in the trailer) Jacq your homeroom teacher who made the Pokedex app for the Paldea Rotom phones, Clavell the director of the school who has a team of Pokemon in Premire balls which is an odd little touch to have, and last Grusha who will be serving as the ice type gym leader.

As for new Pokémon we got the confirmation of regional variants in Paldean Wooper a poison/ground type of instead of water, and some flavor type about why it’s poison instead of water. Fidough which is a dog made of dough which peak character design and puns from the localization team, and lastly Cetitan an ice type land whale which maybe Grusha ace for his team.

For the new gameplay mechanic the Pokemon of the Paldea region can Terastal, which covers them in gems giving them a crystal like form and can even let them change type (which could be a call back to the crystal Onix from the anime) which hopefully makes forming strategies for both causal and competitive games fun.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet will be released on November 18, 2022