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Idle Apocalypse

Lets destroy the world together!

Developer: Grumpy Rhino Games

Publisher: Grumpy Rhino Games

Platforms: Android, iOS

Welcome back fellow gamers! This time around we’re venturing back into the realm of mobile gaming.  This may be a trend with Team Max@Play, but there is always time to destroy the world from your cellphone. Idle Apocalypse is just that game. Your goal is to release the imprisoned Idols and use their destructive power to end the world. Sid your protagonist and comedy relief and helps you construct this massive tower used to summon other monsters and gather resources. You’ll need plenty of minions to stop the champions from thwarting your goals.

Idle Apocalypse is a resource management game where you need to mine one material to build or summon creatures. When your creatures die in battle they release what is called Dark Energy. Collecting enough of this Dark Energy is what you use to release and power up the Idols. Starting the apocalypse will reset your tower but it’s the only way to collect Souls which is the most important currency after Dark Energy. There will come times when you can’t progress any further until you start an apocalypse so don’t worry too much about starting over. Each time you do souls are obtained and the beginning stages of the game become that much easier.

This game is a perfect distraction for those of us that like to manage resources and cause mayhem. Enjoy and let us know what you think in the comment section below. Thanks for visiting Max@Play!

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