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New Rivals Revealed in latest Pokemon trailer

With our adventures in the Paldea region just two months away The Pokémon Company decided to release a trailer giving us more details on things to come. The first being the rival team for the games Team Stars which instead of being an evil organization or generic thugs, they’re really rebellious students and they fire type crew is lead by Mela. Based on the wording of the website their maybe other leaders of other types. Along we Mela we were shown Brassius a grass gym leader who has a Sudowoodo that can transform into a grass type calling back to fact that Sudowoodo is a fake tree. They also seemingly teased that gym trails would be making a return from the last two generations of games ; rounding out the new trainers shown we were introduced to Geeta who is the chairwoman for the league and really tall. They also showed off auto battling very discreetly. Along with some new trainers we were shown some new Pokémon as well the first being Klawf a land crab that ambushes things, it has a new ability Anger Shell which at half health lowers its Defense and Special Defense but raises Attack and Special Attack. Along with Klawf we we’re shown Ceruledge which is exclusive to Pokémon Violet and Armarouge which is exclusive to Pokémon Scarlet, the pair seem to have have something to with the box legendries.