Youmacon 2023

Detroit’s #1 Anime and Video Game Convention

Youmacon Cosplay

Welcome back awesome convention lovers! Huntington Place, formerly known as Cobo Hall, was the stage for Youmacon 2023. This 4 day event was full of amazing guest, performances and attendees. There were a few bumps in the road along the way but nothing that couldn’t be resolved. 
VenueIn previous years, Youmacon was hosted at the Marriott inside the Reniassance Center and Huntington Place, but this year it was only at the convention center. Covering 3 floors and almost every available space HP was full of anime energy. 


For years, photographers and journalists from across the country traveled for Youmacon to capture magical moments and beautiful energy. And during these weekends there had never been any restrictions on using professional photo equipment until this Saturday. This is the third day of Youmacon and typically the biggest day. Photographers of every skill level are using their professional-style cameras to enjoy themselves. Suddenly, Huntington Place Staff began telling anyone carrying a professional-style camera that they could not use them in the common areas, only their cellphones. You can use your cameras in the rooms rented by Youmacon only. This sudden crackdown impacted everyone from professional photographers to the patrons fortunate enough to own a SLR camera.

Youmacon staff began negotiating,but during this process HP had already scared attendees lessening their experience. Eventually, HP stopped enforcing this camera policy and the day continued as it should.

Game Room

This year’s arcade was powered by DeadState and featured a plethora of machines and consoles from the United States to Japan. The rhythm and music games are always a con favorite. There were several console emulators available featuring hundreds of classic games. Super Smash Brothers had their own section and featured attendee ran tournaments for bragging rights. In place of the Battle Opera, attendees featured their skills on the stage in DJ Hero. These performances created the soundtrack for an amazing arcade experience.

There’s so much more to talk about from Youmacon weekend. Stay tuned for deep dives into the special guest, musical performances and of course the cosplay. Subscribe to be first to learn about this and other anime/video game interest. Thank you for visiting Max@Play.