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Relieving Stress With My Hero Ultra Rumble #LFTE

What better self-care than using your quirk to bash heads in!

Welcome back fellow gamers! The pressures of life can take you off your game sometimes, in this instance literally. Keeping up, actually, took away my favorite pastimes. It then became this drab monotonous existence. Fortunately, a friend stepped in and we partnered for a major gaming session in My Hero Ultra Rumble.

My Hero Ultra Rumble immediately reminded me of Fortnite, which isn’t a bad thing. 3 player battle arena with a shrinking safe zone. It features beautiful graphics with entertaining animations. The learning curve for the movement and upgrading was a bit overwhelming for a first-timer but practice makes perfect. Paying attention to which items are for you and your team was also something that had to be understood. A Lot of time was wasted treating My Hero as a looter shooter vs a tactical team battle. Playing with a few characters I like was great but the biggest draw was who I was teamed up with. If I had to rely solely on the matchmaking system for the first battle my first impressions would be different.

In the end, my experience was pretty good. Teaming up with a buddy and escaping reality for a bit was a great recharge. My advice to you is:

  • Don’t overburden yourself
  • Take time to enjoy the things you enjoy
  • Take care of you first.

Hope you enjoyed the gameplay footage and thank you for visiting Max@Play.

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