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Letters from the editor

What better way to end an awesome week then by running into the White Ranger in Downtown Detroit! There wasn’t a need to inquire what had this Power Ranger patrolling the streets, it was obvious he was here for “Movement: The Electronic Music Festival” With 100,000 people coming out for a 3 day party there was a definitely need for protection of the Mighty Morphing Power Ranger kind.

While on the topic of well dressed super heores, Max@Play featured a favorite Tamaranian, Starfire. This gallery featured some of Google’s highest ranked images for Cosplayers as Starfire but there was a failure to attribute proper photo or model credit. Hopefully these awesome cosplayers will be identified and given their proper credit. Cosplay is a revered art form at Max@Play. People who can bring out the energy of our favorite characters, completely or with their own personal spin, deserve a round of applause and a cookie.

Lastly, keep a look out fot Team Max@Play infamous Top 5. These list are so randomly composed but definitely worth a look through.