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Why save the world when you can start the zombie apocalypse? 


You’re looking around the world today and deal with all these crazy people. You think maybe they’re not worth saving. This world needs to be wiped clean. You think maybe we unleashed the zombie apocalypse ourself and then see how everyone survives. With thoughts of cleanseing the world with a genetic infection, we spend hours in the lab creating perfect zombie virus. We tested and populated areas. Keeping track of how fast infection spreads and how fast a zombies. When the fresh infected weren’t enough we began engineering super zombies and mutant variants. Our favorite would be the Michael Jackson thriller zombie who leads a pack of other zombies not only in a attack but an amazing dance number with music that seems to play out of thin air. 

That is the story behind this awesome mobile Android game. You visit different locations releasing your latest strain of zombie creating chemicals trying create as much chaos as possible. You automatically start off with one vial of your infectious chemical that you will strategically drop to infect as many people as possible. You’re awarded coins based on the Carnage you create. These coins can be used to upgrade your main poison so that it’s more potent, spreads further, passes through walls or creates zombies that live longer or move faster. You can also use coins to purchase special infected, some with unique abilities like the Michael Jackson group mentioned earlier or a zombie Yeti that throws people into the screen. In addition to more zombies, you can purchase support items like land mines, grenades, a canister of the infectious chemical or even zombie steroids. Go ahead pack your bag and really show who runs the world, the person with the most zombies.
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