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The Race to Ohayocon 2018

Ohayocon - Group Cosplay
Ohayocon – Group Cosplay

For it’s consecutive 17th year Ohayocon is coming back…well to Ohio. The three day Japanese anime convention will be held at the Hyatt Regency Columbus and the Greater Columbus Convention Center. Guests include Jerry Jewell, Jamie Marchi, Michelle “Mogchelle” Mussoni, Chris Patton, Monica Ria and many more along with games from Tokyo Attack and PC tournaments, a dance known as Club Ohayocon, fantasy ball, artist alley, panels, and a dealers room. Also at Ohayocon there may be a possibility to buy tickets for its sister convention Matsuricon held  the same place. Something new they’re doing this year at the convention is their first ever Floor Wars! The event is is supposed to be a dance battle event which is widely popularized by the furry community and Ohayocon will be following the trend. The one thing I’m looking forward to at Ohayocon is The Ohayocon Roast (18+) just think of Comedy Central’s roast but for nerds where a beloved anime industry personality is talked about in a comedic friendly fashion. This year, the Roastee of Honor is the illustrious J. Michael Tatum! Watch as he gets brutally ridiculed by his friends and coworkers for the fun on it! Ohayocon is from January 26-28, 2018 tickets can be purchased hereand their complete schedule is here.