10 Impossibly Deadly Enemies That Every Gamer Avoids

Welcome back fellow gamers! Team Max@Play is bringing you yet another Top 10 list to wet your whistle. This list features the enemies that nightmares are made of, and some of the nightmares we still have. Your first encounter with any of these grotesque monsters left you traumatized and certain to do your best to avoid a second confrontation. We’re talking moments when you are filling baddies with lead and then enter an area and see that thing and decide, “Nope, I quit! I’m not doing that again.” We want to thank WhatCulture.com for cultivating this video for us. Enjoy!

10. Grey Jacks – Resistance

9. Xenomorph – Alien: Isolation

8. Nemesis – Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

7. Pyramid Head – Silent Hill 2

6. SCP-173 – SCP Containment Breach

5. The Regenerator – Resident Evil 4

4. The Witch – Left 4 Dead

3. Basalisk – Dark Souls

2. Deathclaws – Fallout

1. Sinistar – Sinistar

We hope you enjoy’d this list! If we missed any other terrifying enemies let us know in the comment section below. Click here if you need another awesome list.