2017 @Youmacon Rave Party

What would Youmacon 2017 be without the livest midnight rave party of the year? The perfect way to end the Friday festivities with two master DJs spinning some of the most awesome remixes to pop culture and anime pop music. The sound was matched with amazing video images of clips from great anime series and iconic video game moments. The attendees turned ravers darned their evening Cosplay/party attire and jammed the night away. At any time you can find b boys and girls going at it on the dance floor across from a light saber battle while Sasuke Uchiha dances with Sakura from Naruto. Security made their presence known while maintaining the amazing hype vibe of the night. It was easy for Team Max@Play to get in and get mesmerized by the dancing lights and euphoric energy shared by the other con goers. Definitely gotta keep in mind more comfortable shoes, by the end of the night we danced or feet off and can definitely feel it. Check out the photos and video from that night.

Did you know the live action adult Mario party happened right before this? Check out footage from that event.

If you need a Cosplay recap click here and enjoy.