FLOW – Go!!!

Flow is the popular Japanese Rock band responsible for the Naruto season four opening theme” GO!!!” , which is more popularly known to anime fans as Fighting Dreamers. The energy Flow puts into this song matched the adrenaline shift as Naruto and the other ninjas from the Hidden Leaf Village grow. This band performs the song “Re:member” which is also another opening theme for this amazing series. Featured above is the actual music video filmed for the song which is quite quirky. The visuals obviously were inspired by the original 1984 Terminator film, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, and go as far as having the protagonist teleport and rob the band members of their clothes. Enjoy this entertaining video and just for you, we’ve included the AMV of the same song below. If you need more Naruto in your life, check out Rock Lee vs Gaara.

What is your favorite anime opening theme song?