To choose or not to choose – The Stanley Parable

Title: The Stanley Parable

Genre: First Person Exploration

Players: 1

Platform: PC/Steam

Developer/Publisher: Galactic Café

Galactic Café has released one of the most intriguing exploration game we’ve come across. Grant it The Stanley Parable was released originally in 2013, it stays relevant with many gamers as being a highly in-depth exploration game with stunning voice acting. Interaction with Stanley and the Narrator is the key to enjoying this game so before you begin make sure you have a nice pair of headphones to hear. So the game is about Stanley and his willingness or unwillingness to listen to the narrator, voiced by Kevan Brighton. It’s complicated explaining a game with so many choices and no real goal except to explore options of choice. Your choices can seem so simple and mundane but totally change the direction of the story. Once you realize this during your first playthrough you are destined to play it again. The feeling of being trapped in the Matrix is real. Give the game a good play through and at $14.99 its worth it.

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