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The CW’s Black Lightning


Our story begins in Suicide Slum a neighborhood on the south side of Metropolis which needs saving and the perfect man for the job, is DC’s own Black Lightning.  Black Lightning is the first African American DC character to have his own comic book. His back story has been revised a few times since his debut in 1970, but what remains consistent is Jefferson’s return to Suicide Slums as a teacher only to be thrust into the crime fighting lifestyle. In the original story line Jefferson, a.k.a. Black Lightning, received his powers over time by using a super suit to fight crime. In the first reboot, Jefferson was a meta-human, which roughly means a human with super abilities, which dawned a special jumpsuit to conceal his identity. Black Lighting’s abilities aren’t limited to shooting electricity from his hands. According to the comic book source material, he can absorb and transfer electric shocks as well as manipulate any electric current, including those flowing through the human nervous system.

In the new CW show it doesn’t stray too far Jefferson Pierce is a principal at Garfield High School, where his two daughters Jennifer and Anissa attend. Peter Gambi is his surrogate father and tailor of his super suit which he hasn’t used for over five years. Jefferson was issued an ultimatum by his wife that made him choose between fighting crime and his family, and he chose family. With that, Jefferson Pierce became a respected and powerful principle saving lives through his words. Even though he was admired by so many, his philanthropy could only protect his daughters for so long. While attending one of their father’s function Jennifer decides it’s a good idea to sneak out with a friend to go to a house party. Anissa catches her sister as she prepares to leave Jennifer pleads with her to the point she allowed to go only if she get back to the home before their father finds out. Soon after while having a good time and meeting a boy Jennifer gets in over her head she’s not actually going to a house party, but goes to Club 100 known affiliation for local gang the 100. Trying to escape the entanglement with a less than savory crowd she meets Lala. When Jefferson comes home and can’t find Jennifer he calls her sister and with his daughter in danger he believes it’s a good time to come out of retirement. With the help of Gambi and his new suit, Jefferson Pierce becomes Black Lightning. Fighting off local criminals until his daughter is safe back at home unknown as to who her savior was. The series appears to have an equal amount of home drama mixed with crime fighting action. As the story unfolds, fans are eager to see how the story between Black Lightning, The 100 and Tobias Whale  will be told. There is also a nice amount of room for crossover visitors from his comic past, but you have to stay tuned to see who might show up. Check out Black Lightning on the CW Tuesdays 9/8c.