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Top 5 tips for South Park Phone Destroyer

South Park - Phone Destroyer - Episode
South Park – Phone Destroyer – Episode

South Park Phone Destroyer Top 5 Tips

Hey fellow gamers, welcome back to Max@Play. I’m currently in love with the gameplay and comical conversations in South Park Phone Destroyer. Hours and on top of hours have been invested in pushing through the episodes collecting new cards and upgrades, but like every strategy card game, Phone Destroyer reached a point where just picking my favorite characters wasn’t enough.  Once I started a real losing streak it was time to revamp my deck. Here are a few things to consider while playing.

Deck Energy average cost

Every deck you build has a total average energy cost, which can find in the top right corner of your deck/home base screen. This number represents how many charges you use per card. Consider how long it takes for you to build this charge and decide if you were in a crunch can I afford to wait this long before I can summon or use a spell. Having a bunch of tanks in your hand means your waiting four or more charges per card. Having too many 2 and 3 charge cards means you’re getting more on the field but how effective are they? Low charges usually equal weak defense or short durations. I’ve found a happy medium of 2.9-3.1.

South Park - Phone Destroyer - Episode
South Park – Phone Destroyer – Episode

Episodes vs PVP

Playing through an episode means you can reconstruct your deck to deal with the challenges ahead. Once you know what the episode boss is you know you will be unable to summon that same character. Keep in mind a different card doesn’t mean a different character. Gunslinger Kyle and Ninjew Kyle are still Kyle and can’t both be in your deck or on the field at the same in episodes

PVP has the same restrictions with deck construction but if you’re opponent summons one form of Stan you can still play the same version or any other variation. When going into player versus player battles make sure your deck characters complement each other.

Variety is your friend

Don’t fill your deck with only 1 or 2 types of cards.

  • South Park - Phone Destroyer - Episode
    South Park – Phone Destroyer – Episode

    All Archers

  • All Tanks
  • All Headhunters
  • Etc

Balancing your deck will help you be prepared for surprises, you don’t want to get in an aerial battle with no long range or air defense.

Card Placement

Where you actually place the card on the field can be the most strategic move you can make. Cards like Smuggler Ike start charging as soon as there’s an enemy on the field and gains strength with every charge. Pending the situation, starting him the furthest from the action can have him boosted twice before receiving any real damage. Consider placing tanks in the front with a long-range character behind him to pick off the distracted enemies. Then try throwing a support character like a healer or someone that inflicts poison on your enemies. This is one of my favorite starting points.

South Park - Phone Destroyer - Upgrade Card - Officer Barbrady
South Park – Phone Destroyer – Upgrade Card – Officer Barbrady

Think before you upgrade

It’s the end of the match and you’ve collected all of your winnings and now you get to spend your cards and Cartman coins on boosting the stats your cards. Take a look at your cards first before just upgrading and spending your spoils. Consider what cards you’re about to add or remove from your deck so that you don’t waste anything on a benched character. One of the worst feelings is to go all out on a card that’s in your deck to get the card you really wanted to upgrade and not have enough coins to complete the task. #FAIL

Following these tips will definitely give you a good start to making forward moves in Phone Destroyer. Knowing when to switch your decks from episode to PVP will help your winning streak hit high numbers. If you need more on Phone Destroyer check out our introduction here. If you need a break from gaming then check out this awesome Netflix series.

Do you have any tips that we didn’t mention? Leave them in the comment section below.