Detroit: Become Human First Impressions

Personally I was too excited to get my hands on a copy of one of the most talked about games of the summer Quantum Dreams’ Detroit: Become Human. Since its 2015 announcement release at E3 I’ve been following developments over time, and boy is it worth it.

The visuals for this place are truly fantastic.

I mean look at the stunning visuals to putting the city which is are closely accurate.

The concept of the game is simple you’re three different androids Connor, Alice, and Markus living in the futuristic city of Detroit based on the realistic American city in Michigan of the same name. Your actions, choices, and interaction affects how the game play goes almost essentially affecting whether some people live or die.

after completing a mission down below youll see a flowchart of tjhe path you took and the different options that were available to you.

You learn rather quickly that people aren’t fond of androids.

Connor – An android from Cyberlife who aids law enforcement officials with crime scene investigations


Having the full arsenal of an android at your service youll be able to investigate find clues and discore thing that would be impossible to see to the mere humans.

Kara – The caretaker of a family, and their daughter Alice


Markus – The caretaker of a wealthy artist.


There’s also a lot of questioning love your moral and ethical dilemmas with this game. For example if a robot says to you please don’t hurt it is it showing consciousness, a part of its programming, or a technological error that’s for you to decide. Remember they didn’t make these choice…you did.

Will you being playing Detroit: Become Human let us know in the comment sections below.

…Or do you think there is something more to it that instead of the zombie apocalypse robot a price will come first, this will just show us what’s in store if we don’t treat our electronics right. Do do you believe in artificial intelligence consciousness?

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