Dragon Con 2021

With the pandemic that is COVID-19 which erupted in 2020, rendering the entire world on lockdown everything from restaurants, business, and yes sadly even conventions. With an intense focus on connection with one another, a lot of events went digital trying to connect fans of different fandoms to one another even if it wasn’t in person. A year we’re all reeling from the effects, with new effects in place trying to form what the new normal will be for the rest of the world. Let’s get to talk about what you all were here for Dragon Con.

After their digital event last year Dragon Con has now moved to an in-person event although there are some new restrictions for the Atlanta-based event. The event will be held from September 2nd through the 6th. All attendees of the event will be required to wear a mask at all times and have a negative COVID-19 test results or a vaccination card according to their website.

Tickets are still available for purchase either for a single day or for the full 5 days. As always the has a slew of A-list actors from your favorite TV, movie, and video game. Just to name a few

Anjali Bhimani (Overwatch)
Laz Alonso (The Boys)
Karen Fukuhara (The Boys)
Nicole Kang (Batwoman
Tyler Hoechlin (Supergirl, Superman & Lois.)

You can the full list of guests here.