Unchained Werewolf! Introducing Blackpaw

Welcome back to the Baths fellow gamers! Today we introduce to you Blackpaw, one of the first melee characters you unlock in Orcs Must Die! Unchained. Team Max@Play has decided to diversify their play through and introduce the newest favorite character to a game we obviously love. Blackpaw is the first close-quarters Melee character that we’ve had the pleasure of playing with and we love his durability, his ability to inflict bleed upon opponents and his ability to summon the pack. The pack calls to other wolves to the battlefield. These pack members are faster than you but aren’t quite adorable of course. In a clutch situation, these additional members matched up with your ability to inflict bleed, recurring damage, gives a more intense feel to the gameplay.

There’s a certain feeling you get when you’re surrounded by enemies right at the gate, Your Guardian is going blow-for-blow with you against the horde of Cork’s and you let out a blood curdling howl summoning two of your brethren to the field. Once they are dispatched Bay melee go for the few that made it behind you. You use you’re not back ability that immediately if affects bleed to all surrounding enemies just to have your guardian swing is giant sword and clear the way.

Having this as an option gave Orcs Must Die a whole new field for Team Max@play. We also got to fool around with upgrading a few traps and some new traps that add a bit of variety to our strategy. Keep a lookout for updates on strategies for this awesome game and get ready for us joining the online battle to kill as many Orcs as possible.

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