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Ninja joining Red Bull esports!

Famed Fortnite player Tyler “Ninja” Blevins announced he’ll be Red Bull and their esports division for a new event.

At the E3 Expo Ninja joined others in a charity stream of Fortnite at the Banc of California Stadium. He announced his partnership with Red Bull via Twitter with him wear a Red Bull bandana.

The tournament Ninja announced, was the Red Bull “Rise Till Dawn” event in Chicago. A competition in Fortnite on July 21-22 where players will compete in as many games of Fortnite as they can, and the teams with the most points as determined by kills and placement win the price of over $2,000. Competitors will also get “bonus points” for eliminating Ninja during the event, organizers said in a statement.

There are one hundred teams and the event sold out almost immediately after debuting.Ninja has not yet announced who he will pair with for the tournament.

“Competing and streaming Fortnite all night at the most iconic building in Chicago, a city close to my heart, is a dream come true,” Ninja who is a native of Illinois, said in a statement. “Red Bull Rise Till Dawn will be unlike any other tournament and something people need to see and experience for themselves.”